Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dome Housing Under Construction in Haiti

The new style of home being built at Espwa is the Dome or also referred to as EcoShells.  The dome is a housing solution in Haiti because the EcoShell is one of the strongest structures available. An EcoShell can be built with few materials and can be completed in as little as four days. The raw material resources needed to build EcoShells are also typically found in any locale. EcoShells are also virtually disaster proof. A dome's shape and composition provides resistance to high winds up to category 5 hurricanes.

The village will consist of one 20 foot Entrance Dome; one 32 foot Sanitation Dome; one 32 foot Education/Recreation Dome; two 20 foot Residential Domes and four 32 foot Residential Domes.
 20' Dome
 32' Dome
Sanitation Dome
Inside the Sanitation Dome

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